New CPU coolers from BeQuiet at Computex

BEQuiet AIO Computex 2024
Translate from : Nye CPU kølere fra BeQuiet på Computex
BeQuiet had new CPU coolers at this year's Computex fair in Taiwan. These were primarily further developments and updates of their existing series.

BeQuiet brought a selection of new products to cool your system. There were both new AIO and air coolers and rounded off with new fans.

Light Loop

BeQuiet has an update to their range of AIO solutions with updates with the Light Loop series where, as the name suggests, the RGB options have been turned up.


The Light Loop is an extremely high-performance all-in-one water cooling unit with a unique illuminated ARGB cooling block for users with heavily overclocked systems. With up to 64 LEDs in total and impressive Light Wings LX fans, the Light Loop leaves a lasting impression in any PC. Despite its impressive performance, the Light Loop operates quietly. This is achieved with noise optimized fan blades and a progressive IC for pump control.


Light Loop comes in two sizes, 240mm and 360mm and in both black and white with advertised prices between 129.90 and 164.60 Euro. The launch of the new Light Lopp coolers is in September.


  • Stylish ARGB cooling block with many lighting options for amazing visual effects
    • Matte heatsink cover is tinted for the black version
    • The number of LEDs in the block is synchronized with the Light Wings LX for uniform lighting effects
  • 3 (360mm) or 2 (240mm) Light Wings LX 120mm PWM high-speed fans for colorful and lively cooling
    • Has a closed loop motor to keep the rpm at the desired level
  • State-of-the-art pump with progressive IC
    • The IC reduces switching noise
  • Specially designed jet plate and cold plate for superior performance
    • Jet plate increases coolant pressure for improved performance
    • The cold plate has a high density of fins
  • Flexible sleeved hoses and a practical assembly ensure easy handling
  • Easily accessible fill port and included coolant bottle for long life
  • Plinth support
    • AMD: AM5 / AM4
    • Intel: LGA 1851 / LGA 1700 / LGA 1200 / LGA 1155/1/0
  • AMD mounting without offset (for AM4) and 8mm offset (for AM5)
    • Offset helps better cover hotspots on AM5 CPUs with the chosen combination of jet plate and cold plate
  • ARGB-PWM-Hub enables synchronization of up to 6 ARGB components and PWM fan


Dark Rock 5

If you are more into air cooling, there was also something new at Computex from BeQuiet with another addition to their Dark Rock series of CPU lift coolers.


Dark Rock 5 is the compact incarnation of extremely high cooling performance and high compatibility. With easy installation and quiet fans, it is designed for passionate gamers of all kinds. Enjoy gaming while your CPU is cooled almost silently with the extreme cooling effect of no less than 6 heat pipes.


Dark Rock 5 lands at the end of the month with an expected price of 69.90 Euro.


  • High RAM and VRM cooler compatibility thanks to an asymmetric design and cutouts on the heatsink
    • The fan does not rise above the RAM slots, so you get an unobstructed view of the LED memory
  • Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM fan for perfect air pressure and almost silent operation
    • Can run really quietly or release reserves at up to 2,100 rpm
    • No additional rubber elements glued to the heatsink, as the fan frame is already rubber coated
  • 6 advanced high performance heat pipes
    • Angled alignment to the motherboard for maximum hotspot coverage
    • Diameter: 6mm
    • Material: Copper
  • Special black coating with ceramic particles enables perfect heat transfer and elegant appearance
    • Material of fins: Aluminum
  • Compatible with liquid metal thermal grease
    • Nickel plated copper base
  • Easy installation thanks to pre-fixed mounting bridge and screws
  • Plinth support
    • AMD: AM5 / AM4
    • Intel: LGA 1851 / LGA 1700 / LGA 1200 / LGA 1155/1/0
  • Magnetic mesh top cover hides the heat pipe ends
  • A second fan can optionally be installed at the outlet for even higher air pressure
  • Screwdriver included
  • Total height is 161mm


Light Wing LX

If you are just looking for upgraded cooling in the form of new fans, BeQuiet is also ready with new options in their Light Wing LX fans. Among other things, these are the fans that are included in their new Light Base cabinets , which were also presented at Computex this year.


The Light Wings LX boasts optimized fan blades and an illuminated impeller for great performance and illumination. This fan will take your system to the next level. Light Wings LX is particularly suitable for colorful ARGB builds. Not only does the fan provide unforgettable, high-quality lighting, but also reliable cooling.


  • Illuminated impeller and matte fan blades for unforgettable lighting effects that visually upgrade any PC system
  • Multiple colors and modes for an individual look thanks to 16 LEDs
    • LEDs are integrated into the fan hub
  • Innovative closed circuit motor keeps the revolutions regardless of the resistance (high-speed models)
  • 7 (PWM) or 9 (PWM high-speed) optimized fan blades with perfect angle for extraordinary air pressure
  • ARGB connection cable with daisy chain option
  • Low starting rpm for very quiet operation
  • Long life rifle bearing provides an operating time of up to 60,000 hours
  • Only PWM versions available, but voltage range from 5-13.2V


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