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BeQuiet has updated their Silent Wings 4 fans so that they are now available in white. These are the same high-performance fans in 120mm and 140mm variants, but now ready for the pure white build.

More variants

The Silent Wings 4 White series ranges quite widely, depending on what you intend to use your fans for. They are available in both 120mm and 140mm and in addition there are also High Speed variants in each size as well as a Silent Wing 4 Pro version.

The High Speed variant is intended for use on radiators where you need a little extra power to ensure optimal airflow through the radiator's fins.

BeQuiet Silent Wings 4 WHITE Pro 120mm.jpg

In addition to a few physical differences between the regular and Pro version, there are also slightly more technical ones. Most striking is that the Pro version has a max RPM which is almost twice as high as the regular one. This is naturally also reflected in other things such as the possible air pressure, noise and airflow.

BeQuiet Silent Wings 4 WHITE 120mm.jpg

Of course, there are quite limited possibilities to unfold with a fan, as long as you have to stay within the standard dimensions, which must be able to fit in as many cases, and on as many accessories as possible. It is even more relevant in cases such as with BeQuiet, where they basically do not throw themselves at RGB and other lire on the majority of their products.

As mentioned earlier, the Silent Wings 4 White is available in both 120mm and 140mm versions, and apart from the difference in size, there is no physical difference there if you compare directly between the regular and Pro versions.

BeQuiet Silent Wings 4 WHITE PRO.jpg

At first glance, there is not much difference between the two types of Silent Wings 4 White fans. However, it is clear that the Pro version has a somewhat more square and closed frame than the regular version.

Common to both types is that they come with removable corners. There are two types of corner included in the box for the fans.

One is the classic one that we know, intended for mounting with a screw. It can either be for screw mounting in a cabinet, or on a cooling solution, such as a radiator or similar.

BeQuiet Silent Wings 4 WHITE Push Pin.jpg

The other is with a much narrower hole, which is intended for mounting with BeQuiet's Push Pin mounting. With that method, you use the supplied accessories and can mount the fan without the use of tools. However, not all places can use that mounting.

The Pro version also differs in terms of plug and cable, which have received a slight upgrade here. The Pro version comes with a nice soft sleeved cable with a low profile plug. Both versions are of course with PWM connectors.

Both the two versions of Silent Wings 4 White come, as the name also suggests, in a completely white design, where even the sticker on the fans is without the otherwise iconic BeQuiet orange color.

BeQuiet Silent Wings 4 WHITE replaceable corners.jpg

The sound level has naturally always been a central thing at BeQuiet. This is also the case with Silent Wings 4, which should live up to their name.

BeQuiet even states the max dBA level for the regular version at 100% RPM at 18.9, while the Pro version goes all the way up to 36.9 dBA. It can't exactly be called quiet compared to other BeQuiet products.

However, it is completely intentional on BeQuiet's part. With the Pro version, they have moved beyond the normal levels they aim for. This has been done to give users the possibility of the higher RPM and thus higher performance, if you want it.

At lower speeds, the Silent Wings 4 Pro is still a quiet fan.

BeQuiet Silent Wings 4 WHITE PWM connector.jpg

The Pro version has also got a physical option to specify the settings for the speed. On the back of the fan there is a small switch that can manually switch between medium, high-speed and ultra-high-speed settings.

Long-lasting fans

BeQuiet sets good expectations for their Silent Wings 4 series. The listed expected lifetime is 300,000 hours. On top of that, BeQuiet provides a five-year warranty for their Silent Wings 4 fans.

If the 300,000 hours last, Silent Wings 4 will be a fan that you can pass on to your children with an expected lifespan of more than 30 years with continuous use.

Silent Wings 4 White lands in stores today with a suggested retail price, indicated by BeQuiet, of 180 kroner for Silent Wings 4 White 120mm, 190 kroner for Silent Wings 4 White 140mm, 240 kroner for Silent Wings PRO 4 White 120mm and finally 250 kroner for Silent Wings PRO 4 White 140mm.

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