AeroCool at Computex with new cases

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Last year at Computex we stopped by AeroCool and looked at new exciting cabinets that offered new features. This year we cannot be present ourselves, but of course that does not stop AeroCool from presenting new cabinets.

In connection with the new launches, AeroCool has sent the following information:

AeroCool will showcase the latest from its high-end APNX line, as well as upgraded AIO liquid coolers, cases, case fans and power supplies.

With a legacy of over 20 years built on affordable, high value products, AeroCool is already an international force selling products in over 50 countries. Now, as a member of the Pro Gamers Group (PGG) alliance – represented by Pro Gamersware (PGW) at Computex – AeroCool has gained access to enhanced resources, expertise and investment, allowing the company to deliver its most advanced product line to date.

"Last year, we launched APNX to mark AeroCool's commitment to expanding into the affordable premium segment," said Tony Lin, Global Brands Group GM. "Encouraged by the success of last year, we are renewing all our product lines. With a bigger team and greater resources for testing and development, we hope to bring much more value to the price segments that most buyers are comfortable with. Going forward, you will see a different Aero Cool."

Here are the products that will be showcased during the exhibition:



  • AeroCool's finest case - completely engineered from the ground up.
  • A unique intake angle creates better airflow to the rear of the enclosure (compared to the standard 90-degree fish tank layout).
  • Supports two 16cm fans in an angled intake panel for powerful, centrally targeted GPU airflow.
  • Many other details – adjustable motherboard placement for thicker AIO radiators or creating more space for airflow, quick-release cooling brackets on the front, top and bottom, the cable management channel design on the back with reserved space, redesigned storage bracket for quick and easy installation, and wood panel options on the side .

AeroCool Spectro Vision L360

AEROCOOL_Spectro Vision L360.jpg

  • 4.3” IPS LCD screen, larger compared to competitors, with adjustable water block screen angle.
  • Shows CPU temperature, CPU load, memory load and more via the Control Center app. The custom screen also supports JPEG, PNG, BMP and MP4 uploads.
  • Real wood panels on the pump.
  • Extended heatsink surface accelerates heat dissipation for superior cooling.

AeroCool's new cabinets

Screenshot 2024-06-03 234211.jpg

  • Real wood panels on the front.
  • Supports ASUS and MSI motherboards with rear-facing connectors to keep cables out of sight.
  • Supports up to 360mm radiators and long GPU compatibility (up to 400mm).

AeroCool's new PSU: MAX P1 1300/1000

AEROCOOL_MAX P1 1300 and PREMIER G1 1000.png

  • MAX P1 1300/1000 80+ Platinum fully modular power supplies, manufactured by Tier 1 PSU manufacturer CWT for exceptional performance and reliability.
  • Compatible with ATX 3.1 and equipped with Japanese capacitors of the highest standard.
  • Equipped with a 135mm silent FDB fan with large air intake and optimized grid design for maximum ventilation and superior cooling performance.
  • Reduced fan speed for minimal noise and zero-fan silent mode for silent operation under low loads.
  • Backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty.

For more information on AeroCool and their APNX series, please visit their website at .

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