New cases from Fractal Design at Computex

Fractal Design Mood
Translate from : Nye kabinetter fra Fractal Design på Computex
Fractal Design is best known for their cabinets and at this year's Computex fair in Taiwan they also have two new cabinets to show off. Both are at the more compact end of the scale.

Fractal Mood


Fractal Mood is designed to simplify the gaming station with a look that harmonizes with modern gamers' homes. It has a minimal footprint and an elegant fabric-covered exterior that can be pulled off for 360° access to the structure.


Inside, the Mood has a powerful 180mm fan at the top that moves air up through its columnar body to help keep components cool. It can also neatly hide a 325mm graphics card, allowing users to seamlessly integrate a PC offering a full gaming experience into their home.

Fractal Mood will be available on June 18, 2024 in the following models:

  • Fractal Mood Black - $149.99
  • Fractal Mood Light - $149.99

Fractal Era 2

Era 2_01.jpg

Era 2 is an evolution of our iconic small form factor case — fusing design innovation with engineering prowess. In Era 2, the series has been refined and improved, furthering its distinctive architectural design and improving its cooling performance for a smoother gaming experience.

Era 2_06.jpg

With water-cooling compatibility and ventilation on five sides, including a sleek, magnet-attached ventilation panel in solid walnut wood, the Era 2 is a small form factor case that stays cool under pressure. Its elegantly sculpted exterior is crafted from anodized aluminum and slides off in one piece to reveal an intuitive, well-engineered interior. Inside, it can house a powerful GPU up to 326mm in length and a range of cooling options.

Fractal Era 2 will be available later in Q3 2024 in the following models:

  • Fractal Era 2 Silver – $199.99
  • Fractal Era 2 Charcoal Gray – $199.99
  • Fractal Era 2 Midnight Blue – $199.99

We are still waiting for a message from Fractal Design regarding local prices.

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