Computex 2023: Gigabyte is inspired by sharks

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The tour at Computex 2023 also passed by Gigabyte/AORUS, who have their own setup a little away from the large Nangang hall, where most other manufacturers are located.

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Stealth Systems

We have previously mentioned Gigabyte's Project Stealth. However, it is now a project that has turned into a more real product, which of course was also shown at Computex this year. Somewhat in line with what we also saw at Cooler Master, the idea behind Stealth is that it should be easier to assemble a PC.

However, Gigabyte has taken it a step further with specially designed hardware and cases. With Stealth, Gigabyte has moved all connectors on their motherboards and graphics cards to the back. It is then combined with a special cabinet, with feed-throughs to the back, so that you have access to the connectors here.

Gigabyte Selth Neat interior.jpg

This means that all connectors such as your 24 pins, EPS, PCIe and even connections to front-mounted USB. sound and power can be connected from the back of the cabinet. So no cables have to be routed inside the main compartment of your PC, which gives a very clean and tidy look.

The demo model here at the fair then had a rather messy look in the rear chamber, where not much time had been spent on cable management. However, that may be precisely the point, because on the face of the system it looked beautiful and tidy.

Gigabyte Stelth cables on the back.jpg

With Stealth, you can easily create a neat system, as all cable mess is COMPLETELY hidden away.

On the surface it is a good idea, but I can also see some challenges in it. Having to use specially designed hardware and enclosures certainly limits flexibility.

Stealth graphics card without cable.jpg

If you want to use the Stealth idea, you are bound to the components that are part of the series. It is of course possible to fit other hardware in the cabinet, but then the idea disappears quickly.

At the same time, I also think that the resale value of, for example, a graphics card that can only be used in this special cabinet is quite a bit lower.

Windforce Bionic Shark

Another new update we saw from Gigabyte was an update to their Windforce coolers. Their newest developer is the Windforce Bionic Shark Fan, which is a new design on the blades of the fans used on their graphics cards.

Bionic Shark Fan Full.jpg

Now they have got a grooved design on the blades, which according to Gigabyte is inspired by shark skin. The new design should reduce the noise from the fans by 3 dB and simultaneously raise the static air pressure by up to 30%.

Bionic Shark Fan.jpg

If those numbers hold, then it's a reasonable improvement for such a small design change.

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