Computex 2023: New enclosures from BeQuiet

BeQuiet Computex 2023
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BeQuiet had promised that they had exciting new launches at Computex this year, and they did not disappoint when they presented a new high end case, with a sea of customization options.


Dark Base Pro 901

The new big boy in the BeQuiet class is their Dark Base Pro 901, which comes in and takes over the place of their Dark Base Pro 900.

Just as we saw on the previous version, flexibility and modularity are at the fore with the Dark Base Pro 901. It is a cabinet that has a great focus on functionality, and this can clearly be seen in the approach taken with the cabinet.

Our BeQuiet contact himself admitted that it might not be the prettiest case on the market, but reckoned that the amount of flexibility and functionality would be hard to beat.

Dark base Pro 901 page.jpg

Initially, it is possible to create a system with a focus on either silence or airflow. You can switch between open or closed top and front panels, depending on what you want to aim for. The closed panels come with noise dampening material on the inside to dampen the sound even more.

The flexibility also continues inside the system, where you can take out the entire motherboard tray part of the case to facilitate the installation of hardware. It is also possible to flip it over so you can do an inverted build if you prefer that angle.

Dark Base 901 Motherboard tray.jpg

At the same time, there is plenty of room for cooling, with space for a 360 mm or 420 mm radiator in the front, and up to 360 mm in the rear. Both locations come with a removable mounting bracket so you can do the entire installation outside the case.

Both brackets also come with an integrated Fan Hub, so you can connect your fans directly to the mounting bracket, and do not need to run cables into the cabinet. The bracket then connects via Pogo Pins to the integrated Fan Hub in the Dark Base Pro 901 case, and from here you can control them via the front panel.

Dark Base 901 pogo pin fan.jpg

The Dark Bare Pro 901 comes with a total of three 140mm Silent Wings 4 fans installed.

At the request of many customers, space has even been made for mounting a 5.25" drive behind a hidden limb in the front. It is supplemented with the possibility of mounting up to two mechanical 3.5" hard drives or a total of six SSDs. If this is not enough, additional HDD mounting can be purchased, so that there can be space for five more hard drives or 10 SSDs' is.

Dark Base Pro 901 front panel.jpg

All in all, there are many options if you have plans for a high-end system that needs lots of space for water cooling, storage or other things.

Dark Base Pro 901 already lands in June, so stay tuned here on the page, where we will soon take a closer look at the big guy from BeQuiet.

Dark Base 701

If you are looking for a new cabinet, but it doesn't have to be quite as violent as the Dark Base Pro 901, then the smaller Dark Base 701 could be an option.

Here, the focus is on performance, so it is with air flow panels and therefore not with the option of the closed and sound-absorbing panels.

Dark Base 701 front.jpg

There is room for a 360 mm radiator in both the top and front of the cabinet. Both locations come with light mounting brackets, but here without an integrated fan hub, as we saw in the Dark Base Pro 901. However, there are still three 140 mm Silent Wings 4 fans for the case.

BEQuiet Dark Base 701 overview.JPG

Another feature that can also be found here is the option to remove the motherboard tray part. Then there is both the possibility of easy hardware mounting and an inverted build.

The launch of Dark Base 701 is scheduled for October.

Shadow Base 800 series

The last case, which was presented at Computex from BeQuiet, is actually more of a series of cases, as the Dark Shadow case comes in three variants.

Here again, there is a cabinet with a focus on Airflow. Then exclusively the open mesh panels in both top and front, together with space for radiators up to 420 mm in both front and top.

BeQuiet Shadow Base 800 series.jpg

It is also a spacious cabinet inside with room for E-ATX motherboards and large graphics cards.

As I said, there are three different versions, of which two of the versions are also available in two colors, either black or white.

The cheapest version is the Shadow Base 800 Black, which only comes in black, without RGB lighting and with three Pure Wings three 140 mm fans.

Shadow Base 800 top.jpg

The step up from here is the Shadow Base DX, which comes in black or white with ARGB lighting in the front of the cabinet and an ARGB controller. Here you also get three Pure Wings 3, 140 mm fans.

Finally, for the RGB lover, there is the Shadow Base 800 FX, which comes in black or white with ARGB lights in the front, an ARGB controller and four Light Wings, 140 mm fans.

The Shadow Base 800 series is set for launch in September.

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