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Pro Gamers Group (PGG) has officially announced the brand that will represent their most premium PC hardware to date, HAVN. After nearly two years of development, HAVN's debut at Computex will reveal the first of their original, expertly crafted products.

In connection with the presentation of the new brand, Pro Gamers Group has sent this information:

The HAVN team is gathered from all corners of the PC industry. Its members come from the design, engineering and visionary minds behind brands such as Fractal, NZXT, Wistron and Corning. Their first finished work is the sole survivor of countless stress tests and prototypes performed by the system experts at PGG, who themselves have sold and produced over a million high-end gaming PC systems to date.

HAVN HS 420 and HAVN HS 420 VGPU-1.png

Computex visitors will have first access to the HS 420, a premium dual-chamber ATX PC case that combines bespoke technology with intuitive yet refined design elements to create a product worthy of display.

"We approach our products with the mindset that no design is wasted," said David Jarlestedt, HAVN's product and brand director. "Nothing is superfluous; every aspect of the product is thought out, tested and included because it has a specific function. We hope those who buy it will appreciate this kind of meticulous beauty and the refined performance it brings."

HS 420 and HS 420 VGPU

The HS 420 stands out with its custom Hybrid Structure that delivers a high volume of central GPU airflow within a fully panoramic dual-chamber design while maintaining the traditional mid-tower ratio and footprint.

HS 420 gallery_2.png

Built for the most powerful fans and radiators on the market, it comes with a number of features that enthusiasts will love to explore:

  • Airflow optimized special panel ventilation, ideal for 140 mm fans (11 fan slots in total), and up to 420 mm radiators on the top, bottom and side.
  • Panoramic, curved glass panel for front and side, designed to be flatter and with a smaller radius to minimize visual distortion.
  • Intuitive SimpliCable cable management system & fan hub organizes your cables cleanly and discreetly.
  • Vertical GPU Kit (only for the HS 420 VGPU version), which includes an angled bottom fan bracket and a glass airflow guide, as well as a mounting kit with a PCIe 5.0 riser cable.

For more information, please visit HAVN at www.havn.com .

HS 420 gallery_3.png

About HAVN:

At HAVN, we understand that building a PC is a labor of love. With decades of experience working for the industry's top brands and the creative drive to innovate every detail, the HAVN team blends form and function to ensure each project meets the highest standards. As part of the Pro Gamers Group, we gain collective wisdom from all corners of the world. Our mission is to fulfill the needs of the PC building community and foster a deep sense of mutual respect between designer and builder. Join us in shaping the future of PC hardware.

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