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XL EVO radiators 420mm Modularity 011 LI Reversible dual-chamber LIAN Dynamic
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LIAN LI has come up with a new cabinet that ensures you have room for everything your heart desires. It's called the 011 Dynamic EVO XL, and it's a case where you almost have to fight to fill it completely. The cabinet can contain up to nine fans, and has space for a 460mm graphics card.

Before we get started, I've been on LIAN LI's website to find specifications on the 011 Dynamic EVO XL.

Specifications and features

  • Type: Tower
  • Dimensions: 522 x 304 x 531.9 mm
  • Materials: Metal, plastic, tempered glass
  • Motherboard support: Up E-ATX
  • Hard disk slots: 3(7)x 2.5" + 4x 3.5"
  • Maximum PSU length: 220 mm
  • CPU cooler maximum height: 167 mm
  • Graphics card maximum length: 460 mm
  • Colors: Black/White
  • PCI slots: 8

Fan support:

  • Front: -
  • Top: 3x 120mm / 3x 140mm
  • Rear: 1x 120 mm
  • Bottom: 3x 120mm / 3x 140mm
  • Side: 3x 120mm / 3x 140mm

Radiator support:

  • Front: -
  • Top: Up to 360mm / 420mm
  • Rear: Up to 120 mm
  • Bottom : Up to 360 mm / 420 mm
  • Side : Up to 360 mm / 420 mm

All about the LIAN LI 011 Dynamic EVO XL

011 Dynamic EVO XL is a tower cabinet, which is available in both black and white. It is a cabinet that focuses on good airflow, nice design and that you don't run out of space. You have space for up to an E-ATX motherboard and a graphics card with a maximum length of 460mm.

EVO 420mm Modularity XL Dynamic radiators dual-chamber LI Reversible 011 LIAN.JPG

The front is primarily made of glass. We don't get plastered with logos or anything else that reveals it's a LIAN LI cabinet, but we get a very stylish look. Since the front is made of glass, we have the side that allows for the installation of fans, to get air in from the front.

radiators EVO LIAN XL 420mm 011 Reversible Dynamic dual-chamber LI Modularity.JPG

Since the front is glass, of course we don't have a dust filter here, and it also only makes sense to remove the glass if you want a little more work space when assembling the computer. The dust filters have been placed, among other things, on the side, where we have been given the opportunity to mount our fans instead.

Modularity LIAN dual-chamber radiators 011 Dynamic XL LI Reversible 420mm EVO.JPG

If we look at the bottom of the case, the 011 Dynamic EVO XL has inputs for headsets, four USB 3.0 inputs and USB-C. The power button itself, reset and light control are higher up, on the right side of the front.

Modularity dual-chamber radiators LIAN 011 Reversible LI EVO 420mm Dynamic XL.JPG

EVO radiators LI XL dual-chamber Modularity Reversible LIAN Dynamic 420mm 011.JPG

We move further into the cabinet, and have now removed the glass side. The case supports up to E-ATX. There are incredibly good options for running the cables around. Also in relation to the fact that the cables must not be assembled in the same place, from the motherboard and the cables that would possibly come from the fan at the bottom. At the bottom, side and top, it is possible to mount up to a 360mm or 420mm radiator. At the back, there is room for 120.

LIAN radiators 011 LI Reversible Modularity EVO 420mm Dynamic dual-chamber XL.JPG

This is probably the first time I've experienced this. But with the 011 Dynamic EVO XL, no fans are included, and you must therefore remember to have bought one separately.

420mm dual-chamber Reversible 011 LIAN XL Dynamic LI radiators EVO Modularity.JPG

On the back we have eight PCIe expansion slots, which gives plenty of space to mount either more graphics cards or other things that need a PCIe input.

011 LI Reversible radiators XL 420mm Modularity Dynamic EVO LIAN dual-chamber.JPG

If we open up the back of the 011 Dynamic EVO XL, we are greeted by good space for cable routing. It is easy to mount the fans on the side. We also have space here for three 2.5 hard drives, on the plate that hides the cables. There are also two hard drive cages, with space for four hard drives in either 2.5 or 3.5 size.

Between the hard drive cages is the space for the power supply, which can be easily fixed.

Reversible dual-chamber XL 011 LI LIAN EVO Dynamic 420mm radiators Modularity.JPG

Installation of hardware

Before we move on to mounting the hardware in the case, let's take a look at the included accessories. It all comes in a box, as well as some bags. We have everything from screws to supports for the graphics card.

XL Dynamic dual-chamber Modularity 420mm radiators LIAN LI EVO Reversible 011.JPG

The power supply is inserted on the back between the two hard disk cages. It is screwed directly to the cabinet from the outside.

dual-chamber Modularity LI LIAN 011 radiators XL EVO Reversible 420mm Dynamic.JPG

The motherboard that has been fitted is an ATX, together with the RTX 2080 Ti. It is of course not the largest graphics card on the market. But it's still one of the big boys. Despite that, there is still incredibly good space. There is also no doubt that a larger water cooler would not have made it look crammed either.

Dynamic 420mm LI XL Modularity LIAN 011 Reversible EVO dual-chamber radiators.JPG


I have found a price for the 011 Dynamic EVO XL from LIAN LI which is 300$. It is at the slightly higher end of the price scale. But it is also a cabinet that is at the large end, and comes with many features.

Modularity LIAN EVO LI dual-chamber Reversible XL 011 Dynamic 420mm radiators.png

If you want to see more details about the 011 Dynamic EVO XL, you can find more on LIAN LI's website by clicking on the banner.


If you are looking for a cabinet where size does not matter, then the 011 Dynamic EVO XL from LIAN LI offers very good options. There is no doubt that the overall quality of the cabinet is incredibly high, and it is solidly built.

It is a cabinet that is easy to work with, and many of the things are attached without screws. However, there are some individual places where LIAN LI has placed some screws, which for my part do not make sense at all, but there must be a deeper meaning behind it. The same applies to the top, which had to be worn off after the screw was removed, where my belief said it had to be clicked off.

EVO LI Modularity Reversible dual-chamber LIAN Dynamic XL 011 420mm radiators.JPG

The dual chamber concept is not new and more and more are coming. It is of course also a matter of taste whether you want a more "clean" look in the cabinet, where the power supply is hidden on the back. It gives some extra space in a different way, but also gives a wider cabinet.

The size itself also makes the cabinet an obvious candidate for custom water cooling, where you really have the good space to mount several radiators and create a nice airflow that keeps your components cool.

When we are on custom, the cabinet is made so that it is possible to mirror the cabinet. So if the placement of the glass doesn't suit you, you can always change it.

It is of course different from needs, but the fact that they have created space for hard disk cages around the power supply also makes a lot of sense, rather than wasting the space on nothing.

Which leads us on to cabling. Because even though both the power supply and the hard drive cages take up space, it's still incredibly easy to route the cables around, and I didn't have to struggle with getting it to sit nicely or reach where they needed to be.

One thing that might be a stumbling block for some is the location of the IO, with the USB inputs. Where it is located at the bottom of the cabinet. This in my world only works if you have the cabinet standing on a table. Although it can be moved, it is only limited to the bottom of the cabinet, and therefore does not allow for more flexibility.

The biggest challenge with this cabinet would probably be the price. For a price of almost 300$, it has a high price, and it can scare a lot.

I end up giving the 011 Dynamic EVO XL from LIAN LI a score of 9 out of 10. It's a cabinet where I find it hard to put too much negative about, apart from the price. If you are looking for a cabinet in the larger size and with plenty of space, then there is no doubt that the 011 Dynamic EVO XL from LIAN LI will do this job really well.


  • Good space
  • Nice quality and design
  • (Easy to separate)
  • Airflow optimized
  • Possibility of water cooling
  • USB-C on the front panel
  • Plate to hide cables on the back
  • Hard disk cages
  • Good option for cable routing
  • Can be mirrored

Not so good

  • Price
  • (Location of IO)

Score: 9

XL EVO radiators 420mm Modularity 011 LI Reversible dual-chamber LIAN Dynamic.JPG

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