Montech King 95 Pro

Montech King 95 Pro
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We have been visited by a new manufacturer who has made a cabinet that may be very similar to the competitors. However, it differs in some respects. We take a look at the Montech King 95 Pro, a case that allows you to show off your build in a good way, but still allows for good airflow.

Before we get started, I've been on Montech's website to find specifications on the King 95 Pro.

Specifications and features

  • Type: Mid tower
  • Dimensions: 475 x 300 x 442 mm
  • Materials: SPCC Metal, tempered glass
  • Motherboard support: Up to ATX
  • Hard disk spaces: 8x 2.5" + 5x 3.5"
  • Maximum PSU length: 190 mm
  • CPU cooler maximum height: 175 mm
  • Graphics card maximum length: 420 mm
  • Colours: Black/white/blue/red
  • PCI slots: 7

Fan support:

  • Front: -
  • Top: 3x 120mm / 2x 140mm
  • Rear: 1x 120 mm
  • Bottom: 2x 120 / 2x 140 mm
  • Side: 2x 120 / 2x 140 mm

Radiator support:

  • Front: -
  • Top: Up to 360/280 mm
  • Rear: Up to 120 mm
  • Bottom: -
  • Side: Up to 240/280 mm

About the Montech King 95 Pro

The King 95 Pro comes in two versions. Both King 95 and King 95 Pro, which we are looking at today. The only difference is that the Pro version has included fans. Where the ordinary has none at all. It is possible to set up the cabinet in two configurations, where you either have glass in the front or a mesh front. It is also possible with the mesh front to move the fans from the side to the front, thereby making room for eleven fans in total.

chamber Premium Harmony tempered glass PRO Mesh 95 KING Curved Montech Innovation Aesthetic Dual fan-friendly.JPG

King 95 Pro comes in a very stylish design. Especially with the option of glass on the side and possibly on the front if desired. We are only greeted by a smaller Montech logo inside the case, above the fans on the side. The materials themselves feel of high quality and have good opportunities to create good airflow in the cabinet.

chamber tempered Innovation KING Harmony Mesh Aesthetic PRO Premium glass Montech 95 Curved Dual fan-friendly.JPG

The front can be easily removed and is fixed with a click system at the top. As a starting point, it is not possible to mount a fan in the front. With the mesh front fitted, it still has a dust filter fitted.

Innovation Dual 95 Mesh PRO Curved chamber Montech tempered glass fan-friendly Harmony KING Aesthetic Premium.JPG

If we look more closely at the side of the cabinet, Montech has chosen to mount the panel on the front, rather than the top. Here it has inputs for headset, microphone, two USB 3.0 inputs, USB-C, a power button and button for LED control.

tempered fan-friendly 95 Premium glass Aesthetic Curved Mesh Montech KING PRO Innovation Harmony Dual chamber.JPG

Inside the case, the King 95 Pro supports up to ATX motherboards. Even here, the case has plenty of space, and cable routing around the case, so no matter which and how many cables need to be connected to the motherboard, they can be routed directly to the site. Although there is room for three 120mm fans at the bottom, it is not possible to mount a radiator. Here it is only possible with a 360mm radiator at the top. If you want more hard disk space, it is possible to remove the fans at the bottom, and instead mount a plate where it is possible to mount an SSD or HDD.

chamber Montech Mesh 95 Dual Aesthetic glass KING tempered Curved Premium fan-friendly PRO Innovation Harmony.JPG

As previously mentioned, there are no fans in the front as standard. They sit on a holder on the side. However, it is possible to move it in the front if desired, with the mesh front. Which opens up the possibility of mounting a total of eleven fans.

Dual 95 Premium Aesthetic chamber glass Harmony KING tempered fan-friendly Curved Mesh Innovation PRO Montech.JPG

On the back we have seven PCIe expansion slots, Which again, gives plenty of space for mounting.

KING fan-friendly Aesthetic PRO Mesh 95 Harmony glass Innovation Curved Dual Premium Montech chamber tempered.JPG

If we take a look at the back, we can see that things have been thought through here as well. There is plenty of room for cable routing, and an extra plate to close off the cables so that it does not affect the rear walls themselves, which are also fixed here with a click system, and a single screw at the back. It is possible to mount hard drives above the power supply, but it is also possible to mount an additional power supply if you need to run with two power supplies. In addition to that, there is also room for two SSDs on the back plate.

Montech Harmony PRO fan-friendly Aesthetic Curved Mesh glass chamber Innovation KING 95 tempered Premium Dual.JPG

Installation of hardware

Before we move on to mounting the hardware in the case, let's take a look at the included accessories. Here we get a nice little box, with various screws and other accessories, to be able to mount all the hardware. We also get a glass front, which can be used to replace the mesh front. As well as a plate to be able to mount on the bottom for SSD or HDD.

glass Mesh PRO Premium Dual 95 Montech fan-friendly chamber Curved Aesthetic tempered Harmony KING Innovation.JPG

The power supply is inserted from the side at the back. As previously mentioned, it is also possible to place a power supply above where the hard drive cage sits. And in theory it would also be possible to place it above from the start if the location is better for one.

glass Curved tempered PRO Premium 95 KING Aesthetic Montech Mesh chamber Innovation Dual fan-friendly Harmony.JPG

The cabinet is easy to work with and there was no need to use tools to remove the sides. Even though an ATX motherboard and a larger graphics card are fitted, we still have a lot of air in the case. However, due to the fans at the bottom, it is a little difficult to mount a support for the graphics card, and a different approach may have to be used here.

chamber Harmony fan-friendly glass Mesh Aesthetic tempered Dual Premium 95 PRO KING Montech Innovation Curved.JPG


I have been informed of the following prices:

  • Montech King 95 Black – 120$
  • Montech King 95 White – 140$
  • Montech King 95 Prussian Blue – 140$
  • Montech King 95 Red – 140$
  • Montech King 95 PRO Black – 170$
  • Montech King 95 PRO White – 170$
  • Montech King 95 PRO Prussian Blue - 180$
  • Montech King 95 PRO Red - 180$

Aesthetic Innovation tempered Curved Premium chamber fan-friendly Mesh KING 95 glass PRO Harmony Montech Dual.png

If you want to see more details about the King 95 Pro from Montech, you can find more on Montech's website by clicking on the banner.


If you take a quick look at the King 95 Pro, it's not because they've reinvented the deep plate. But they have taken many of the good features from other Dual Chamber cabinets, and added their own touch to it, which works really well.

The materials feel incredibly delicious, and it is clear that the brand Montech has revolved around the King Pro 95. In addition to the materials being of good quality, it is also a cabinet that offers a lot of space, as well as flexibility, compared to the fact that you get two fronts with , either in glass or mesh.

There is plenty of space for installing a radiator, and if you choose custom water cooling, you also have the option of installing more, which can ensure good cooling in the system.

Montech has also made a smart choice regarding flexibility around PSU and hard disk space. Because if you want to have an additional power supply for the system, you have the space for it, but with the compromise of a hard disk cage. It may be an unnecessary feature for 99%, but for the last 1% it can be a decisive factor that you don't feel you are paying extra for.

Because if we look at the price, it stands incredibly well, and with a price of either a little under or a little over DKK 1,000, depending on whether you choose the Standard or Pro model, it can easily be included in the price. I would almost say that you get a lot more for your money with the King 95.

Which I experienced as a bit of a problem, but luckily it was solved later. Dealt with mounting the radiator at the top, where the screws must be tightened well, without damaging the cabinet or screw. Because otherwise the top could not come down correctly, and it also felt as if it sat a little too "lightly" on.

Before I finish the test, however, I want to touch on the difference between King 95 and King 95 Pro. Here lies the difference in the fans. Where the Pro model has an included fan, while the King 95 does not. So if you want to choose your fans yourself, the King 95 will be the right choice.

I conclude the test by giving the Montech King 95 Pro a score of 9 out of 10, along with the Great Product award. It can be difficult to put a finger on the King 95 Pro, and Montech has managed to create a cabinet where price, quality and performance really go hand in hand, and the consumer gets a lot for the money.


  • Good space
  • Delicious quality
  • Airflow optimized
  • Possibility of water cooling
  • Price
  • USB-C on the front panel
  • Double PSU
  • Price
  • Extra accessories included from the start (Glass and mesh front)
  • Lots of dust filters


  • The top may well have some problems getting stuck with the AIO mounted

Score: 9 + Great product Harmony Mesh tempered chamber KING PRO fan-friendly Premium Curved Montech Aesthetic Dual 95 glass Innovation.JPG

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