AMD Announces Neural Texture Block Compression

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After revealing alternatives to NVIDIA's DLSS Super Resolution and DLSS Frame Generation, the red team has announced an alternative to NVIDIA's Neural Texture Compression.

For those unaware, NVIDIA presented their Neural Texture Compression (NTC) solution at Siggraph 2023. This AI-powered compression reduces texture sizes while keeping their quality high. NVIDIA claimed at the time that this new format is better than the old AVIF and JPEG XL formats.

Yesterday, AMD announced plans to unveil their own Neural Texture Block Compression at EGSR2024. As with NVIDIA, AMD will use neural networks to compress textures.

AMD Neural Texture Block Compression.jpg

AMD promises that this technology will be easy to implement as it uses unmodified runtime execution. However, there is no information on when - and if - video games will take advantage of it.

NVIDIA's Neural Texture Compression has yet to be used in any games, so it's not because things are moving fast on the green team either. However, NVIDIA may also find a way to implement this technology in future versions of DLSS. Or at least that's what NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang implied.

There is nothing to add at this time about this new texture compression solution. The solution can probably end up being as good as NVIDIA's solution, but since none of the solutions has yet found its way into the real world, it is currently rather empty news. However, as always, it is nice to hear that the two companies are still working on solutions for the ordinary consumer and have not thrown energy into the AI hype.

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