Colorful Chinese graphics cards

Translate from : Farverige kinesiske grafikkort
If you think the graphics cards we see on the Danish or Western market are too boring, then we can look enviously at the range on the Chinese market.

There is no doubt that the style and design of most graphics cards that we can find on the Danish market are pretty much in the same area. There are many black and gray colors, of course, combined with flashy RGB LED lights. However, not many people go all in on alternative designs and colours.


This is not the case, however, if we look at the Chinese market, where there can be different bangs on design and colors. With the launch of the RTX 4070 cards, Galax has among other things launched a pink version in their EX Gamer series. The shield around the fans and the backplate of the card is pink, while the transparent fans can be pimped with all the colors of the rainbow in RGB LED.


A slightly different approach is seen on the Boomstar series from Gainward. Here, the card comes with a transparent shield as standard. However, it can function as a holder for customized Faceplates, so that you can change the style and colors continuously. It reminds of the old days when you could change the shield on your mobile phone.


The idea is actually very interesting, and if any of the Chinese ideas were to find their way to our market, I would think it would have to be the idea of replaceable faceplates.


If the pink color is to be combined with a little blue, you can look at the Gainwards Star series. Here, the blue/pink color is combined with a little design bling around the fans.


It is interesting to see how different the style is on the cards in the Chinese market. We should probably not expect many of them to find their way to the Danish market. However, it was a style of card we could have used when building our Unikitty system!

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