Intel Arc Battlemage X2 and X3 spotted

Intel Battlemage
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Intel's next-generation Arc Battlemage X2 and X3 GPUs have been spotted with up to 56 Xe2 GPU cores on a 256-bit memory bus.

We've got new information about Intel's next-generation Battlemage X2 and X3 GPUs from and Volza, who spotted a log of customs and shipping data on their respective online databases.


Intel's new Arc Battlemage "X2" and "X3" could be codenames for next-generation Arc GPUs or just internal codenames for the cards themselves. There is another card that was listed as "Churchill Falls" and is reportedly a canceled SKU that is based on Intel's BMG-G10 GPU die. First we have the Intel Arc Battlemage "X3" which uses the BMG-G10 GPU die, the flagship chip from Intel that has apparently been cancelled, with the new BMG-G21 and BMG-G31 GPU die taking its place.


The Intel Arc Battlemage "X3" graphics card has 448 EUs or 28 Xe2-GPU cores, with an 8-layer PCB on 16 GB GDDR6X memory on a 256-bit memory bus.

The other SKU is more of a mystery as we don't know what GPU is inside, but it could be the BMG-G21 GPU that has been spotted in the same logs and appears to have Intel testing a range of active fan heatsinks with these Battlemage GPU engineering samples.

With this new information, it looks like Intel is really making progress with their Arc Battlemage GPUs. We can only continue to wait and see what Intel has in store for us with their next generation of graphics cards.

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