Is Nvidia on the way with RTX 40 SUPER cards?

Translate from : Er Nvidia på vej med RTX 40 SUPER kort?
The rumor mill is running at high pressure at the moment around Nvidia and much points to the fact that we can soon look forward to RTX SUPER cards in the new 40 series of cards.

Part of the information about the maybe upcoming maps comes from kopite7kimi on X aka Twitter. kopite7kimi has previously been shown to have good insider information about Nvidia in particular, so even if it is still based on rumours, there may very well be something to it.

Most recently, kopite7kimi has revealed specifications of an upcoming RTX 4080 SUPER card, which is expected to be based on the full AD103-300 chip from Nvidia with 10240 CUDA cores.

X rumors about RTX 40 SUPER cards

However, there is no information about the RAM configuration, but if we look at the AD103 chip, there are many indications that we can expect a 256-bit memory bus.

There are also specs for the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER and RTX 4070 SUPER, although there is some more doubt about the information there, even from kopite7kimi himself. It mostly boils down to the fact that the combination of both Ti and SUPER in the name will go against the previous ways Nvidia has named their cards.


If the RTX 4070 Ti Super card becomes something with the specifications we see in the rumours, then we can look forward to a card based on either the AD103-275 chip or a reduced version of the AD102-175 chip. The number of CUDA cores was said to be 8448.

Nothing has been confirmed by Nvidia itself yet, so we'll have to wait and see if any definitive information comes out. It could also easily end up with the specifications that are floating around as rumors now, being someone that Nvidia has worked with in the past, but which ends up never being launched.

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