Nvidia's Jensen Huang Makes $4 Billion in a Day

Jensen Huang
Translate from : Nvidia's Jensen Huang Tjener $4 Milliarder på en dag
Nvidia became the first computer chip company to hit a $3 trillion market cap in May of this year. CEO Jensen Huang is now the world's 11th richest, according to Forbes.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is now the 11th richest person in the world according to Forbes' billionaires list. He added over $4 billion to his fortune in a single day on June 18, after Nvidia became the world's most valuable public company, fueled by an AI-powered boom.

The company's shares rose over 3% on June 18, bringing Huang's fortune to nearly $119 billion. Nvidia shares have more than doubled this year after tripling in 2023.

Ranked as the world's 546th richest person in 2019, Jensen Huang has added over $114 billion to his fortune in the past 5 years, according to Forbes. His fortune increased by over 2250% during the period. The Nvidia boss was ranked as the world's 76th richest person with a fortune of $21 billion by the end of 2023.

The 61-year-old tech executive derives his fortune from a 3.5% stake in Nvidia, located in Santa Clara, California. Huang co-founded the chip company back in 1993 with Chris Malachosky and Curtis Priem. He has held the position of Nvidia's CEO and President since its inception.

The technological giant went public in 1999 and has experienced significant growth in recent years. Last month, Nvidia became the first chip company to reach $3 trillion in market value, overtaking Apple Inc. Nvidia recently completed a stock split that lowered the stock price to below $130 after trading above $1,200.

Nvidia controls an ecosystem of hardware and software solutions that competitors are trying to emulate, thanks to its dominant market share for the accelerator that trains AIs.

The company has laid out an ambitious plan to upgrade its AI accelerators annually. Tesla's Elon Musk retained his position as the world's richest with a net worth of $214.1 billion, followed by Jeff Bezos in second place and Bernard Arnault and family in third place.

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