Nvidia announces announcement for CES 2024

Translate from : Nvidia annoncerer annoncering til CES 2024
The headline may sound silly, but it is none the less what Nvidia has announced. They have announced that on January 8th they will be ready with a Special Address Livestream at next year's CES in Las Vegas.

Based on the many recent rumors, many expect that the announcement could very well contain the official presentation of upcoming SUPER cards in the RTX 40 series of consumer graphics cards. Of course, it's all still just rumours, as Nvidia is not surprisingly expected to announce anything definitive, ahead of their Special Address Event for CES 2024.

Rumors currently indicate that we can look forward to three new cards in the RTX 40 series. At the top of the stack it will be an RTX 4080 SUPER, which will be followed by the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER and finally an RTX 4070 SUPER.

We have previously looked here at the rumored specifications of the new cards, which come from industry sources. Since then, however, more has appeared in the rumor mill, as we have seen images of the packaging logo for the upcoming cards, allegedly anyway.


If those images match, it confirms an upcoming RTX 4070 Ti SUPER card, which is or was one of the ones about which there were most doubts. It is mostly based on the fact that it will be the first time that Nvidia combines the Ti and SUPER titles in one product. In the past, both have been used to indicate an intermediate step, and now it looks like we'll end up with an in-between step.

Although the naming may be a bit crazy, the success of the presumably upcoming cards will depend on whether Nvidia manages to strike a good balance between price and performance. It has been one of the major weaknesses of the RTX 40 series until now.

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