Nvidia RTX 4060Ti just around the corner

Translate from : Nvidia RTX 4060Ti lige om hjørnet
It is no big secret that there are more cards on the way in Nvidia's 4000 family of graphics cards. Although Nvidia has not officially announced anything, there are now so many clues that we are pretty sure that the RTX 4060 and 4060Ti are just around the corner.

The rumor mill has been running at high pressure lately, in relation to new graphics cards from Nvidia. Much of it is naturally driven by the desire of many for more budget-friendly graphics cards. Overall, it has been one of the biggest complaints about Nvidia's new series of graphics cards. The increase in price has simply not kept up with the increase in performance compared to previous generations.


Therefore, there is a lot of attention directed towards the "smaller" card in the family, and here everything suggests that the RTX 4060Ti will be the next step. Most recently, the folks at VideoCardz.com have spotted an RTX 4060Ti card from Palit listed on a Russian website.

In addition to seemingly confirming that the card is just around the corner, it also gives us some technical details. We can see that the cards are listed with 8GB GDDR6 RAM on a 128 bit memory bus.

videocardz.com rtx 4060ti specs.jpg

Other technical information that has emerged through the rumor mill around the RTX 4060Ti shows us that we can look forward to a card with 4352 CUDA Cores on the AD106-350 GPU chip. It has a base clock of 2310 MHz and a boost clock of 2535 MHz and a TDP of 160W.

Everything points to a launch at the end of May. It's a time frame that fits with Computex in Taipei, which is right here. We are going to computex this year, so if there are new cards we can of course take a closer look at them.

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