RTX 4060Ti 16GB: A Silent Marvel Yet to be Reviewed

RTX 4060Ti
Translate from : Ingen anmeldelser af RTX 4060Ti 16GB?
Nvidia's new 4000 series of graphics cards has received a somewhat mixed reception from reviewers around the world. This has now apparently led to neither Nvidia's nor their partners doing much to ensure that customers can read reviews of the upcoming RTX 4060Ti 16GB

Usually, both Nvidia and their partners will actively work to supply media outlets around the world with graphics cards prior to a launch. It is part of the fixed marketing plan, which we here at Tweak are also often a part of, although sometimes with a little delay.

Depending on where you are in the world and what contacts you have in the industry, both Nvidia and a selection of their partners will usually send samples to one degree or another for reviews, tests and comparisons. It happens of course, on the part of the manufacturers, in the hope of selling more products, just like with most other hardware that finds its way to us or other Tech Media for review.

Apparently, however, this will not be the case with the upcoming RTX 4060Ti 16GB card. Nvidia does not make an RTX 4060Ti 16 GB card itself, so it is exclusively their partners such as MSI, Gigbyte, etc. who will make cards. That in itself is not unusual, but the fact that there appears to be no "Review Program" for the card's launch is.

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We here at Tweak haven't heard a hint of news about the upcoming card, which according to Nvidia should be launched this month. This is also the case for the team at Hardware Unboxed, who have spoken to several manufacturers, who all reply that they are not going to send samples for testing.

This means that there probably won't be reviews in connection with the launch, but only some time after. There will be a delay because the media will have to obtain the cards themselves through normal sales channels.

Now, of course, there is no media that automatically has the right to expect samples on future graphics cards. Under normal circumstances, however, it is such a normal part of marketing that it sticks out when it doesn't happen.

It doesn't exactly send a good signal about Nvidia's and the manufacturers' faith in their own product that they are apparently aiming for a launch under the radar, so to speak. This will mean that you will not be able to read independent tests of the cards and the performance when it lands on the shelves.

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