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gamingskærm (780J4E9) Hz NVIDIA® OMEN G-SYNC QHD – 27 240 by HP 27qs OMEN
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Are you looking for a stable gamer screen, with QHD resolution and IPS panel, as well as fast refresh rate. Then HP has a good candidate, with their Omen 27qs. We take a closer look at whether the screen can make a mark on the market and stand out from the crowd.

Before we move on with the OMEN 27qs from HP, I have visited their website to find some specifications.

Specifications and features HP OMEN 27qs

  • Size: 27”
  • Panel: IPS
  • Native Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Response Time: 1ms MPRT
  • Color Gamut: 95% (DCI-P3), 99% (sRGB)
  • Peak brightness: 400 nits
  • Peak brightness HDR: -
  • Contrast ratio: 1,000,000:1
  • Contrast ratio HDR: -
  • Display colors: 8-bit RGB
  • Inputs: 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x Displayport 1.4, 1x audio input, 2x USB Type-A,
  • Adaptive Sync: AMD Freesync Premium, G-sync compatible

Around the HP OMEN 27qs

Unfortunately, the OMEN 27qs has been passed by others before it lands with us. Therefore, some of the things are unpacked, and it is only the most necessary that is included in the form of the power plug, Displayport cable and USB cable.

OMEN 240 OMEN gaming monitor 27qs – Hz (780J4E9) 27 by G-SYNC QHD HP NVIDIA®.JPG

The screen is divided into three parts, where the foot consists of two parts that must be assembled. The lower part is screwed to the tower. Which can then be clicked to the screen. It's a very neutral and standard design that the tower has where it doesn't differ significantly here. There is no possibility to collect the cables through the tower.

OMEN (780J4E9) city - QHD Hz gaming monitor 27qs OMEN 240 NVIDIA® 27 G-SYNC HP.JPG

On the back of the screen, we have one on and off button, as well as a button to control the menu on the screen.

240 (780J4E9) NVIDIA® OMEN HP 27 OMEN QHD gaming monitor by G-SYNC Hz – 27qs.JPG

At the bottom we find the outputs, DC in for the power cable, two HDMI, one Displayport, Sound input, USB output and two USB-A.

HP QHD OMEN G-SYNC 240 27 – Hz 27qs OMEN city (780J4E9) gaming monitor NVIDIA®.JPG

The test

We have now finished walking around the screen, and it is time for the test itself. Therefore, of course, it has ended up on the desktop and is used as my daily screen at the computer.

(780J4E9) 27qs OMEN HP – NVIDIA® 27 gaming monitor QHD OMEN 240 by G-SYNC Hz.JPG

During the test, I made use of the PC, where it was used both for gaming, general web surfing and, of course, media streaming. The screen has been equipped with 2x3w speakers, which gave a reasonable sound, when using Youtube or if you needed a little background sound. It wasn't because the sound was full or had a lot of bass in it.

OMEN Hz 27qs OMEN – G-SYNC QHD 27 NVIDIA® (780J4E9) HP gaming monitor by 240.JPG

27qs run with IPS panel. Which gives some nice colors, and with a refresh rate of 240hz you are well covered in games. The screen does not have HDR, and therefore during the test I was only able to take pictures in SDR format. The colors themselves were still sharp, and it gave a nice result, both with the video on Youtube, but also in game.

However, it has a low contrast ratio, which resulted in black areas becoming very gray to look at, which can take away from the experience a bit.

However, I am also sure that many will choose the screen for the refresh rate and stable color quality, and must survive the black becoming greyer.

HP QHD NVIDIA® Hz OMEN (780J4E9) OMEN 27 by G-SYNC 27qs 240 gaming monitor –.JPG

Without HDR activated

OMEN 27 Hz QHD NVIDIA® HP by G-SYNC 27qs - OMEN 240 gaming monitor (780J4E9).JPG Without HDR activated

HP states that the screen has a 1ms refresh rate, where I have of course been inside and run a browser test, which comes with a result of 3.8ms. Which is still very close to what was stated.

– 240 HP Hz QHD OMEN (780J4E9) NVIDIA® by 27qs G-SYNC OMEN gaming monitor 27.JPG

The OMEN 27qs uses 8-bit, in SDR. Even if it only runs with SDR, it still brings out beautiful colors. However, it is also clear to notice in relation to screens with greater brightness that the OMEN 27qs can feel a little muted in the colors. But considering 400 nits, it was a nice experience.


I have been able to find a price for the OMEN 27qs from HP which is 550$.

NVIDIA® – 240 27qs gaming monitor QHD 27 HP G-SYNC (780J4E9) Hz OMEN by OMEN.png If you want to find more information about the OMEN 27qs from HP, you can click on the banner above.


We have come to the end of the test on the OMEN 27qs. A screen whose design remains very neutral and could perhaps disappear in the crowd. Fortunately, a screen should not be judged on appearance alone, and the quality of the image itself was great.

It's almost becoming a standard resolution with QHD, and we're also starting to move into 240hz becoming more prevalent, taking on 144/165hz. This goes hand in hand with the fact that the requirements for the more competitive games make greater demands, and the hardware can drag the resolution and refresh rate.

The experience with the screen itself was really good, and it may not be a screen that stands out significantly from the others, but it is still a screen that comes with a stable image, and is not negatively noticed either.

As previously mentioned, the design itself is very neutral, and this can of course be positive and negative. If you want a screen where it stands out, then it is not the OMEN you should look for, but if you want a screen where the design is not important, but you are more interested in the contents, you can safely read a little further.

Because if we look at the price, we are in a price bracket where it fits nicely with the quantity, so you still get a screen at a reasonable price and with a reasonable performance. Where there may be shortcomings is, among other things, with the low contrast ratio, which does not get the black completely through, together with the screen not offering any form of HDR. Of course, this also helps to keep the price down, but there are screens, at around the same price and with the same features, which at least have HDR10. Whether you want to count it for something or not.

The OMEN 27qs deserves a stable score of 8 out of 10. For a screen that delivers a stable image and generally nice colours. Which is supported by a price that matches similar screens. It comes with QHD resolution and 240hz refresh rate. Where the only thing that can speak is the contrast ratio, which is generally low when we look at this price range.


  • Beautiful colours
  • QHD resolution
  • Neutral design
  • Low response time
  • 240 Hz
  • Price


  • Low contrast ratio
  • No HDR

Score: 8 gaming screen (780J4E9) Hz NVIDIA® OMEN G-SYNC QHD – 27 240 by HP 27qs OMEN.JPG

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