AMD Ryzen Strix Halo APU 128GB, 120W TDP Board Found

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New evaluation board configuration, Maple REVB, with AMD Ryzen Strix Halo mobile APU has been spotted with up to 128GB memory and 120W TDP.

A new evaluation board configuration, the Maple REVB, equipped with the AMD Ryzen Strix Halo mobile APU has been identified at customs and supports up to 128GB of memory. The thermal design power (TDP) for this evaluation platform is set at 120 W, with previously maximum memory capacity reported at 64 GB. The Strix Halo APU uses FP11 packaging and has up to 16-core Zen 5 CPU and 40 CU RDNA 3+ GPU cores. This processor includes 16 MB L2 cache, 64 MB L3 cache and 32 MB MALL Cache, equivalent to Infinity Cache. Additionally, Strix Halo supports 256-bit LPDDR5x-8000 memory, a significant increase over the traditional 128-bit width.


The Neural Processing Unit (NPU) of Strix Halo achieves a computing power of 60 TOPS. This board's technical specifications suggest significant advances in memory capacity, processing power, and data transfer capabilities, making it a notable development in mobile APUs. These features are expected to improve performance in various demanding applications and provide robust support for high-speed computing and computationally intensive tasks. The inclusion of 128 GB of memory and the ability to handle a power consumption of 120 W highlight its potential for high-performance computing environments.


The release and subsequent testing of the evaluation board will provide further insight into its real-world performance and capabilities, potentially setting new standards in the industry. The combination of Zen 5 CPU cores, RDNA 3+ GPU cores, significant cache memory and support for high-speed LPDDR5x memory reflects a comprehensive approach to delivering proper performance and efficiency.

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