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ROG Hero highend motherboard Dark AI XMP bundkort Z790 STRIX Gaming 5.0 Wifi ASUS PCIE 7 AX Maximus
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The time has come for an update of the new Intel CPU, and we have reached the 14th generation. However, this has been an update of the previous generation, and so the manufacturers have chosen to stay on the same generation of motherboards. Today we are going to look at the new edition from ASUS ROG, with their Maximus 790 Dark Hero, which is an updated version of the ROG Maximus Z790 Hero.

The technical specifications:

  • SOCKET: LGA1700
  • CPU (MAX SUPPORT): Intel 14th Gen I9 + Intel 13th Gen I9 + Intel 12th Gen I9
  • CHIP SET: Intel Z790
  • DDR5 MEMORY: Up to 8000 MHz
  • MEMORY CHANNEL: Dual Channel
  • MAX MEMORY (GB): 192 GB
  • PCI-E X16: 2
  • PCI-E X4: 1
  • PCI-E X1: 0
  • SATA III: 4
  • RAID: 0/1/5/10
  • M.2 CASTLE: 5
  • LAN: 1x Intel 2.5Gb Ethernet
  • Wifi: 2x2 WI-FI 7
  • AUDIO: Realtek ALC4080 CODEC
  • SLI: No
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Support for Windows 10 & Windows 11

The ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero is an updated version of the Maximus 790 Hero. Therefore, they also share an overall appearance with each other. ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero comes with larger power stages and WiFi 7.

Gaming XMP ROG Dark highend 7 AX motherboard motherboard Wifi 5.0 STRIX Z790 Maximus PCIE Hero AI ASUS.JPG

As mentioned, it shares the overall design with the previous model. Where it differs are the heat shields around the I/O, which have a slightly different design/display. As well as the shields around the PCIe inputs, which have also received a slight change in design.

highend Maximus Dark Wifi STRIX Gaming 5.0 AI motherboard AX motherboard ROG Z790 PCIE XMP 7 Hero ASUS.JPG

ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero comes with a 20+1+1 digital power design, which is set up with a "teamed Power Stage design". It should provide a more stable and better connection to the CPU.

ROG high-end XMP Dark motherboard Gaming AX STRIX Z790 5.0 PCIE Maximus motherboard Wifi ASUS Hero AI 7.JPG

ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero is equipped with two PCIe Gen 5.0 x16 sockets, which are reinforced. As well as one PCIe Gen 4.0 x4 socket. It makes use of Q-release on their primary PCIe input. Which makes it easy to be able to remove the graphics card, without having to sneak in a finger or anything other than to press the button to release the graphics card.

7 high-end XMP AX 5.0 PCIE ROG Maximus motherboard AI Dark ASUS STRIX Z790 Wifi Gaming Hero motherboard.JPG

The reinforced DIMM sockets use Dual Channel DDR5 RAM, and the ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero allows for up to 192 GB non-ECC, with a maximum frequency of 8000 MHz.

5.0 Z790 Gaming Maximus Dark Hero AX ASUS high-end motherboard 7 Wifi ROG STRIX PCIE motherboard AI XMP.JPG

The motherboard has been equipped with Realtek ALC4080, and together with ROG SupremeFX 7.1 you will not be held back on the sound.

Maximus Z790 Hero ROG PCIE motherboard 5.0 STRIX Wifi high-end XMP motherboard 7 Gaming Dark AX AI ASUS.JPG

We have five M.2 sockets, the first of which supports PCIe gen 5.0. The other four support PCIe gen 4.0, The first M.2 slot and one PCIe 4.0 draw from the CPU, where the others use the chipset on the motherboard. If you use the first M.2 with PCIe gen 5.0. Will PCIEX16_2 be disabled and PCIEX16_1 will only run x8. In addition to that, we also have four SATA inputs that can be used.

STRIX Dark Hero AI AX ROG 5.0 7 highend ASUS motherboard PCIE motherboard Z790 Wifi Gaming XMP Maximus.JPG

Gaming Dark motherboard PCIE Maximus ROG STRIX Hero AX 5.0 Z790 AI Wifi motherboard 7 highend XMP ASUS.JPG

ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero has a pre-installed I/O shield, here we get nine USB-A inputs, three USB-C, display port, inputs for sound, 2.5G LAN input, and input for WiFi 7 antennas, which have also been connected more easily , which must be pressed in rather than screwed.

AX 5.0 Wifi Dark Hero STRIX 7 ASUS highend Maximus ROG XMP Gaming AI PCIE motherboard motherboard Z790.JPG


It has been possible to find the ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero at a price of 1000$, which is a high price compared to its predecessor, which can be found for 600$.

AI STRIX Dark PCIE AX 5.0 Gaming ROG Wifi Z790 7 motherboard motherboard Maximus XMP Hero highend ASUS.png

If you want to read more about the ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero from ASUS, you can click on the banner above.


There is no doubt that with the ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero from ASUS, you can supply it with 14900K and still have enough power to overclock the CPU. The motherboard has been equipped with components that take into account the enthusiasts and those who just want a motherboard that can do more than the standard. Unfortunately, it also comes with a price, and especially considering that there have been no significant changes from the previous Z790 Hero, where it is mostly about the Power Stage and that it now comes with WiFi 7, it is an expensive extra cost.

Besides that, we are moving into an era where more products are coming with USB-C rather than USB-A, which is good to see ASUS keeping up with the times and slowly putting more and more on their motherboards. Next to that comes two of them thunderbolt, where the last one can "only" go up to 10Gbs speed.

We still have plenty of M.2 connections, and this also shows that we are moving more towards M.2 hard drives, rather than SATA connections. The design is a very classic ROG design, and if you're into raw black, you won't be disappointed with the ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero either.

If we look at the network connections, we have of course got a big upgrade here, compared to WiFi 7, which is the new standard that is slowly starting to emerge. Next to that, we get 2.5G ethernet connection, which almost has to be the minimum when we are up to a motherboard like the ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero, both in terms of quality, but especially considering the price.

It is probably not everyone who chooses to spend as much on their motherboard, if not more than what the CPU costs. Then of course there are those who want to squeeze the most out of their setup or just get a lot for their money, here the ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming Wifi can join the field. It is of course not ASUS's most expensive motherboard, but I would almost say it is one of the high-end ones that gives the most value for money.

We have a motherboard that can undoubtedly do more than most would need. The extra price of the ROG Maximus 790 Dark Hero compared to the ROG Maximus 790 Hero is probably most decisive if you need to be part of the latest technology, and here it is mostly around WiFi 7. As well as whether the motherboard has some features you need. So do I, ending the test with a score of 9 out of 10 along with the "Enthusiast Only" award. The price here is undoubtedly what will probably slow down a lot here, especially if they do not have the greatest requirements for the system, but just want to be able to play the latest games.


  • Beautiful design
  • Five M.2 connections.
  • Three USB-C/Thunderbolt
  • Good onboard components
  • ALC4080 Codec with ROG SupremeFX 7.1
  • Reinforced parts
  • 2.5G LAN
  • Wifi 7
  • Q-release PCIe


  • Price

Score: 9 + Enthusiast Only ROG Hero high-end motherboard Dark AI XMP motherboard Z790 STRIX Gaming 5.0 Wifi ASUS PCIE 7 AX Maximus.JPG

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