Computex 2023: ASRock gives us cheaper motherboards

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Translate from : Computex 2023: ASRock giver os billigere bundkort
ASRock gives us cheaper motherboards, but without compromising on the feature list.

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ASRock had quite a few new things at Computex 2023, but one of the most interesting was new versions of their Taichi cards, on both the AMD and Intel platforms.

ASRock has listened to many inquiries about the price of their high end motherboards in the Taichi series.

This has led it to launch two new versions of their B650E Taichi and their Z790 Taichi. Both maps are now also available in a light version.

Functionally, these are exactly the same cards. The entire PCB part of the cards are the same, so components, VRM etc. have not changed. So if you look at the pure specifications, you won't be able to tell the difference between the normal version and the light version.


What has been spared are the cosmetic things, such as RGB lighting, decorations and decorative cover shields for the M.2 slots, etc.

This means that with the B650E Taichi Light and the Z790 Taichi Light you get cards where the leg has been cut. Only decorative elements are lost, but a feature list is maintained, which is quite similar to the normal versions of the two motherboards.

The trimmed versions do not have a final price yet, but ASRock expects a price reduction of around 20% on the light cards.

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