MSI launches budget-friendly MPOWER Z790M motherboard

Translate from : MSI lancerer budgetvenligt MPOWER Z790M bundkort
MSI's new Z790 MPOWER motherboard is here, with support for ultra-fast DDR5-8000+ memory and a budget-friendly price. Perfect for a build with a mid-range Intel Core i5 processor.

MSI is currently developing their new Z790 MPOWER motherboard, which will have an expected price of just $199 and support a dual-DIMM memory configuration that supports DDR5-8000+.

The new MSI Z790 MPOWER motherboard has been leaked by Wccftech, reminding us that the last time we saw an MPOWER motherboard was during the Z170 and Z270 era, which was almost 7 years ago. MSI now has its new Z790 MPOWER motherboard ready behind the scenes, with its mainstream design, support for ultra-fast DDR5-8000+ memory, and a price of only $199.


We have the usual LGA 1700/1800 socket with support for Intel 12th Gen, 13th Gen and 14th Gen Core CPUs, with a decent 15-phase VRM design, powered by the new MSI Z790 MPOWER motherboard with dual 8- pin power connector. MSI uses large heatsinks covering the VRMs, with a silver and black theme and a Mini-ITX design.

Each of the heatsinks has OC team text printed on them, including "Overclock", "Frequency", "MHz", "Voltages", "Clock" and more. MSI's new Z790 MPOWER motherboard has two DIMM slots that support 128GB kits of DDR5 memory via dual 64GB DIMMs, with DDR5-8000+ memory support... impressive to see on a motherboard in this price range.

In terms of super-fast DDR5 memory support, MSI is working with several RAM manufacturers to have MPOWER-branded DDR5 memory kits. It's also very cool to watch.


We have two M.2 SSD slots under M.2 heatsinks, 4 x SATA III ports, a single PCIe 5.0 x16 slot, and two PCIe 4.0 (x1/x4) slots. On the back of the MSI Z790 MPOWER motherboard, we have 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 3 x USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, and a single USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port.

MSI's new Z790 MPOWER motherboard also features Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, enthusiast-grade 2.5GbE ethernet, and 7.1-channel audio support. MSI's new Z790 MPOWER motherboard is potentially a solid motherboard at a reasonable price.


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