AMD confirms updated Instinct MI300

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AMD confirms updated Instinct MI300 series AI and HPC processors this year. New Instinct MI350X with ultra-fast HBM3E memory. Competitor NVIDIA is also launching the HBM3E AI GPU.

AMD has already confirmed that they have updated versions of their Instinct MI300 series AI and HPC processors coming in the second half of this year. One of these updates includes a modified Instinct MI350X that will have ultra-fast HBM3E memory.

Competitor NVIDIA has their current Hopper H100 AI GPU with HBM3 memory, while their recently announced H200 AI GPU has ultra-fast HBM3E memory - the world's first AI GPU with HBM3E memory. The next generation Blackwell B200 AI GPU also comes with ultra-fast HBM3E memory as standard.


Market research firm TrendForce recently provided a sneak peak of AMD's new Instinct MI350X. The company says that the new Instinct MI350X will be made on TSMC's newer 4nm process node, which is an improved version of TSMC's 5nm process node. The new TSMC N4 process node will allow AMD to choose between increasing the performance or lowering the power consumption of their modified Instinct MI350X compared to the MI300 series.

AMD's flagship, the Instinct MI300X AI GPU, has 192GB of HBM3 memory with 12-Hi HBM stacks, while the Instinct MI300A has 128GB of HBM3 on 8-Hi HBM stacks. TrendForce noted that "the expansion of US export restrictions now includes not only the previously restricted AI chips from NVIDIA and AMD, such as NVIDIA A100/H100, AMD MI250/300 series, NVIDIA A800, H800, L40, L40S and RTX4090, but also their next-generation successors such as NVIDIA's H200, B100, B200, GB200 and AMD's MI350 series."

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