AMD may skip RDNA 4 in upcoming CPUs

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AMD's Zen 6 "Medusa" CPUs are rumored to skip RDNA 4 in favor of integrated RDNA 5 GPU. Faster bandwidth, smaller process node like 2nm or 3nm and expected launch in 2025 or 2026.

According to a technology insider, AMD may skip using the RDNA 4 GPU architecture altogether for the company's rumored Zen 6 CPUs. The RDNA 5 series is expected in the Zen 6 APU for the next-gen Xbox console in 2028, offering a balance of CPU cores with GPU. AMD could skip RDNA 4 for their upcoming Zen 6 "Medusa" client CPUs in favor of an integrated RDNA 5 GPU.

The RDNA 5 architecture was last mentioned in the leaked FTC documents from September 2023, which revealed that Microsoft plans to use a Zen 6 APU from AMD for its next-generation Xbox console. In May 2022, AMD's corporate roadmap claimed that the Zen 5 CPUs would be released sometime in late 2024.

Some rumors suggest that AMD will release their Zen 5 Granite Ridge processors as early as April, while others claim that mass production will instead escalate in Q3 2024. Granite Ridge is rumored to be the Ryzen 9000 series of desktop CPUs for gaming and productivity, but AMD has yet to reveal any official details. As reported by, Twitter user and tech insider Everest claims that the Zen 6 Medusa client CPU architecture will use an RDNA 5 iGPU instead of the RDNA 4, noting that the company will skip the architecture.

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AMD is rumored to use 2.5D interconnects instead of a multi-die design found in the Ryzen 8000G series APUs. This would significantly increase the bandwidth speed between the chiplets, with one of the chiplets featuring a new RDNA 5 tile and GDDR7 memory. The new Zen 6 client architecture from AMD is also rumored to use a smaller process node, such as 2nm or 3nm. Speculation is currently pointing towards a 2025 or 2026 release for the Zen6.

The move to RDNA 5 was expected by some enthusiasts in the PC gaming community, but others are disappointed that RDNA 4 is potentially a stopgap until RDNA 5 arrives. Some consider RDNA 4 only a minor upgrade to the existing RDNA 3 GPU present on AMD graphics cards such as the Radeon RX 7800 XT. Zen 6 could at least be an attractive CPU generation for PC gamers due to the improved bandwidth. The RDNA 5 series of discrete AMD Radeon GPUs could pair quite well with a Zen 6 CPU in the future.

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