AMD launches ground-breaking MI300 AI chips for data centers

Translate from : AMD lancerer MI300 AI-chips til datacentre
AMD pushes the boundaries with new AI processors. Explore the advanced MI300 series chips and their impact on the growing $45 billion data center AI market by 2023.

AMD today announced their latest contribution to the AI chip market with the launch of the MI300 series. AMD estimates that the market for AI processors in data centers will reach $45 billion this year, and with its new MI300 chips, it wants to capture a significant share of this growing sector.

The two new additions to the MI300 series are designed for specific applications in artificial intelligence. The MI300X focuses on generative AI applications and features advanced high-bandwidth memory (HBM) to significantly improve performance. The second chip in the line is aimed at supercomputers and expands AMD's coverage of advanced AI areas.

During the presentation, AMD's management highlighted the explosive demand for AI chips and now expects the market for AI chips in data centers to grow to around $400 billion by 2027. This marks a significant increase from the current market of $45 billion and shows the massive potential within the AI sector.

Analysts estimate that Nvidia currently dominates about 80% of the market for AI chips, including the use of custom-built processors by companies such as Google and Microsoft. Launched today, AMD's MI300 series is positioned as a strong competitor to Nvidia's flagship AI processors.

Along with the launch of the new processors, AMD also presented an updated version of the software needed to implement chips for AI applications.

This progress-driven approach to AI chips positions AMD as a major player in the rapidly evolving technology sector and signals exciting opportunities for future technological advancements.

/ source; December 6 (Reuters)

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