Apple wants its own AI chips

Apple M4
Translate from : Apple ønsker egne AI chips
Apple is boosting its chip ambitions. They are working on their own chips for AI applications, according to the Wall Street Journal. The project code is ACDC, short for Apple Chips in the Data Center.

Apple is taking its chip ambition to new heights. For several years, Apple has designed chips for its own hardware - for Macs, iPhones, iPads and more. But running AI models requires high-grade chips, like NVIDIA's graphics processors, which have become the industry standard.

To keep pace and drive its own AI ambition forward, Apple is working on its own chips, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, designed to support AI applications from servers in large data centers. Internally, the project is code-named ACDC, short for Apple Chips in Data Center, but it has no firm timeline for completion.

Apple's chips are reportedly meant to run AI applications, rather than train them, which makes sense with Apple's consumer focus. Apple has left the first part of the AI race to start-ups like OpenAI and Anthropic, as well as to established companies like Microsoft and Meta, but the point of view from Apple is clearly better-late-than-never.

With this venture, Apple shows that they are serious about developing their AI presence. Although they are latecomers, Apple has the resources and know-how to make significant advances in AI.

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