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Coming soon is the Core i9 14900KS CPU, Intel's fastest gaming chip to date. Expect high performance, but also high power consumption and heat generation. There is now even firmer evidence of the imminent launch.

The upcoming Core i9 14900KS CPU has appeared at several European retailers. Intel's latest KS model looks to be Intel's fastest gaming chip. The price seems to be within expectations, although it will probably use a lot of power and produce large amounts of heat. The dealer listing was discovered by TEch Snushanen @momomo_us . They list both case and tray versions of the monster chip at French retailer PC21 for €768 and €752 respectively.


It is probably on the high end, but the price seems to be plausible. Just a few days ago, we wrote about some leaked performance numbers and speculated that the 14900KS would launch within the next few months. But with dealer listings starting to emerge, it's now looking more like weeks. Some rumors suggest a launch as early as mid-March.

It's starting to become more concrete now, as inventory is due to be sent out to distributors and retailers ahead of an official launch. Since we know the 14900KS is a sorted 14900K, there won't be any surprises. It will have higher clock speeds, higher power consumption and a bit more performance for its premium price. According to the leak last week, the 14900KS will have a maximum boost clock of 6.2GHz and a base power of 150W -- 25W higher than that of the 14900K. But when all the P-cores are fully loaded, it comes with a peak load of over 400W.

This means that both high-end motherboards and cooling solutions are needed to handle the loads. KS chips are not aimed at mainstream buyers. They are limited edition sorting chips aimed at overclockers and enthusiasts who are more focused on the best performance above all else. These buyers will want high-end motherboards and cooling to match the demands of the new CPU. If you don't, you'll see a lot of throttling and end up with performance inferior to that of a 14900K.

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