Huawei is progressing in CPU development

Huawei CPU
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Huawei navigates US sanctions and adjusts its chip production strategy. With progress in the development of its own CPU technology, Huawei is closing in on the competition.

Huawei, the well-known Chinese technology company, has made remarkable progress in advancing its chipset technology, especially in the development of its own CPU products. These are critical to a number of computing devices, and while Huawei's progress suggests it hasn't quite caught up to the competition yet, the company is steadily closing the gap on its competitors.

Recent reviews by Tom's Hardware have put the spotlight on Huawei's CPU development efforts. Specifically, the performance of Huawei's homegrown Taishan V120 has been compared with AMD's Zen 3 cores unveiled in 2020. Although Huawei has not conquered the front of CPU technology, the performance of the Taishan V120 core is an indication of significant progress, making it to a viable choice for a wide range of the market.

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The Taishan V120 core is crucial to Huawei's Kirin 9000's System-on-Chip (SoC), which combines four Taishan V120 cores with two ARM Cortex A510 cores. This configuration aims to efficiently handle tasks with varying requirements. The Kirin 9000s uses a second-generation 7-nanometer process technology by SMIC, underscoring Huawei's commitment to improving its chip manufacturing capabilities.

It's important to note that the specific chip tested was associated with the "Huawei Cloud OpenStack Nova," which has led to speculation that it might be related to the Kunpeng server CPU line, possibly the Kunpeng 930.


This server CPU, originally planned for a more advanced 5-nanometer process by TSMC and a launch in 2021, faced challenges due to the extensive US sanctions against Huawei, which led to an assessment of production strategies.

Although Huawei faces challenges, the company's progress in CPU core development indicates a promising direction. The company's ability to innovate and adapt its strategies suggests a potential to compete more closely with industry leaders in the future.

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