Intel's AI comeback may be close

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Intel could make a comeback in 2024/25, depending on their ability to tap into the AI market. Intel launches the world's first system foundation for the AI era.

It feels like forever ago, but it's only been a year or two since Intel was widely ridiculed on social media for losing market share to the competition. However, the future looks more promising for Intel today.

Intel's Future and AI INTC stock could very well be the "comeback kid" in 2024 and 2025. That depends on Intel's ability to capitalize on the market's fascination with artificial intelligence (AI). If the company can seize the trend and capitalize on it, Intel stock has the potential to rise.

Intel Goes All-In With Systems Foundry for AI Applications Clearly, Intel is sending a message that the company is fully committed to the AI trend in 2024. Intel has announced that they are launching the world's "first systems foundry for the AI age ."


Unlike some other AI hardware makers who rely on TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor) to manufacture their microprocessors, Intel will produce its own chips in multiple factories. In fact, Intel plans to build chip factories in the US, Israel, Germany and Ireland. Also, Intel has announced that they are getting a very famous customer.

This is crucial news for Intel and cements their position in the AI industry. Industry reports suggest the Biden administration is in talks to give Intel over $10 billion in grants to support domestic AI chip production in the United States.

This, along with statements from the US Department of Commerce identifying Intel as an "American Champion Company", suggests strong support from the US government. The INTC share's possibilities for a comeback are therefore getting stronger. From being the subject of jokes on social media, Intel is now re-establishing itself as a leading chip maker. With support from both Microsoft and the US government, there is potential for growth and development.

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