Intel aims to overtake TSMC

Translate from : Intel sigter efter at overhale TSMC
Intel plans to retake the lead from TSMC as the maker of the world's fastest chips later this year with Intel 18A technology. Microsoft uses Intel's technology to manufacture a custom-made chip.

The world-renowned chipmaker Intel has stated that it plans to take over TSMC's position as the producer of the world's fastest chips. This will be done through the use of what Intel calls Intel 18A manufacturing technology. This is a notable announcement as it suggests that Intel is on its way to regaining its former dominant position in advanced chip manufacturing.

At an event in San Jose, California, during the first Intel Foundry technology conference, Intel also revealed that Microsoft plans to use its services to manufacture a custom computer chip. This is an important development as it points to a growing interest and confidence in Intel's technology and manufacturing capabilities from one of the largest technology companies in the world. Intel has further announced that it expects to beat its internal deadline to surpass TSMC by 2025.


This is an ambitious goal, but Intel seems confident in their ability to achieve it. They also provided new details on how they plan to maintain a lead over TSMC into 2026 and beyond. An essential part of this strategy is the introduction of a new technology that Intel calls Intel 14A. This is the first time the company has provided details of its plans that extend beyond 2025.

That deadline was set by Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, when he took the helm three years ago with the aim of reclaiming the chipmaking crown. Intel is giving further indications of its expected success by forecasting an increase in orders of $15 billion, up from the $10 billion it had previously expected to receive from investors. All in all, it suggests that Intel is headed for a positive future in chip manufacturing if this announcement ends up holding water.

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