Intel and Sandia Labs Develop Hala Point

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Intel and Sandia National Laboratories have launched Hala Point, the world's largest neuromorphic system with 1.15 billion. neurons, thanks to 1,152 Intel Loihi 2 chips.

Intel, in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, has successfully implemented Hala Point, which is currently the world's largest neuromorphic system. The system consists of 1,152 Intel Loihi 2 neuromorphic chips, each capable of simulating one million neurons, resulting in a total of 1.15 billion neurons.


Intel's Loihi 2 chips, which are the heart of the Hala Point system, measure just 31 square millimeters and are equipped with 2.3 billion transistors each. These chips are among the first to be manufactured using Intel's advanced Intel 4 processor technology, shared only with its Meteor Lake series.


Despite its enormous computational capabilities, the Hala Point system is remarkably compact, fitting within six rack units. Its physical dimensions are comparable to a conventional microwave oven, and it operates with a power consumption of 2.6 kW. This development marks a significant milestone in neuromorphic computing and pushes the limits of what these systems can achieve in terms of size, efficiency and complexity. Neuromorphic computing is a branch of artificial intelligence that takes its inspiration from the natural brain.

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By mimicking the structure and functions of the brain, neuromorphic systems can offer unparalleled computational power and efficiency over traditional computers. With the Hala Point system, and its record number of neurons, Intel continues to be a leading force in the development of neuromorphic systems.

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