Intel sold the most CPUs in 2023

Translate from : Intel solgte flest CPU'er i 2023
Although much of the focus within computer chips is on AI chips from Nvidia and new Apple chips, Intel is still the king with a very good margin when we look at chip sales in 2023. Intel shipped 50 million units, AMD 8 million units, Apple 6 million units

The latest statistics are reported by Canalys, who presented their latest infographic and report on the global PC (Notebook & Desktop) CPU market in Q4 2023. Some interesting statistics in addition to CPU shipments and revenue include the popular PC segments in each region. The desktop PC market is reported to be buoyant in APAC (Asia Pacific) and EMEA (Europe & Middle East / Africa), while the PC notebook segment is strong in the Chinese and Latin American regions, while the North American audience is more inclined towards tablets -the market.

When it comes to total PC shipment units and annual growth by CPU vendor, Intel accounts for the largest share here with 50 million CPU units shipped in the previous year, marking a 3% growth. AMD, on the other hand, comes in second with 8 million units shipped (-1% YoY), and Apple saw 6 million units shipped (-4% YoY). The research firm highlights that Intel maintains a 78% market share, while AMD's share is at 13%.


In terms of revenue, Intel managed to increase its PC CPU shipment revenue by 2% to 41 billion, followed by Apple with 8 billion in revenue (+8% YoY) and AMD's 5 billion in revenue (+6% YoY). It also covers other players such as MediaTek, Qualcomm and ARM that have yet to reach the big three, but Qualcomm is expected to make a big inroad into the PC market this year with its Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus chips.

When you break down the shipments per PC reseller, Lenovo was the largest reseller for Intel with 25% of total shipments, followed by HP with 23%, Dell with 19%, ACER with 7% and ASUS with 6%. On AMD's side, Lenovo was again the largest PC vendor with a 40% share of total shipments, followed by HP with 29%, ASUS with 14% and ACER with 6%. The distribution of income is similar for the total shipments. The PC Notebook segment remains the most popular choice for CPUs with a share of nearly 69% according to a report by Jon Peddie Research. Desktops were reported to account for 31% of the market share in Q4 2023.


Statistics from PassMark also show that Intel is gaining market share across all segments, be it desktops, laptops or servers.

While AMD offers good CPU choices in almost every market segment, Intel still seems to have a firm grip on the OEM PC market, which has seen them continue to maintain their supreme dominance in the x86 CPU segment. AMD has made a difference and we can expect the red team to continue eroding Chipzilla's share with upcoming chip offerings expected to be released later this year.

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