MediaTek accelerates AI innovation with Arm

Translate from : MediaTek accelererer AI-innovation med Arm
MediaTek announces collaboration with Arm Total Design to accelerate development of AI-based products. This is done with a focus on data centers and advanced technologies from edge to cloud.

Chipmaker MediaTek has announced that it has joined Arm Total Design, an ecosystem that aims to accelerate and simplify the development of products based on Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS).

Arm Neoverse CSS is designed to meet the performance and efficiency needs of AI applications in the data center, infrastructure systems, telecommunications and more.


"We will work closely with Arm as we expand our presence in data centers by leveraging our expertise in hybrid computing, AI, SerDes and chiplets, and advanced packaging technology to accelerate AI innovation from the edge to the cloud," said Vince Hu, Corporate Vice President at MediaTek, in a statement. Leveraging Neoverse CSS, MediaTek's industry-leading SoC integration design capabilities can deliver differentiated solutions and accelerate market introduction, the company said.

MediaTek can leverage Neoverse CSS to deliver optimized SoCs for specific application needs that meet the complex computational requirements of AI, they added. "By joining Arm Total Design, MediaTek builds on our long-standing partnership that has delivered billions of high-performance, energy-efficient devices, and will bring world-class infrastructure expertise as we rapidly deliver sustainable, AI-powered cloud data centers on Arm Neoverse CSS,” said Mohamed Awad, Senior VP and GM, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm.

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