Rumors of Intel Arrow Lake-S with Xe-LPG GPU

Translate from : Rygter om Intel Arrow Lake-S med Xe-LPG GPU
Intel is likely to announce and release its next-gen Arrow Lake processors later this year, a completely new CPU and GPU architecture. Arrow Lake CPUs will have either Xe-LPG or Xe-LPG+ graphics.

These new processors mark the first top-to-bottom CPU architecture to feature all-new CPU and GPU architectures in many years from the company. Intel Xe-LPG+ is for Arrow Lake-H mobile processors (source: Github).

Intel's current Core Ultra 100 series "Meteor Lake" processors have all-new GPU cores in Xe-LPG, but Arrow Lake CPUs will ship with either Xe-LPG or Xe-LPG+ graphics, recently revealed in new leaks .


Intel engineer Haridhar Kalvala explained: "Some SKUs of Arrow Lake use a slightly newer Xe-LPG+ graphics IP (version 12.74). Add some extra PCI IDs and extend the code to support the newer IP version. The general code flow should continue with matching existing MTL and Xe-LPG code paths."

It appears that Intel's new Arrow Lake-H mobile processors will use the updated Xe-LPG+ graphics, while Arrow Lake-S desktop processors will use the same integrated GPU as Meteor Lake, with Xe-LPG graphics. What is the difference between Xe-LPG and Xe-LPG you may ask?


The + that about Xe-LPG+ means it must support DPAS (Dot Product Accumulate Systolic) instructions. These instructions are already used in the Xe-HPG architecture, but were disabled in the Xe-LPG variant. They support FP16, BF16, IN4, and INT4 multiplication with 16 or 32 bits add, which means that the GPU can perform more operations per clock through the XMX core. ´Perhaps not super big changes, but still something that can have an impact on performance.

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