Samsung wins NVIDIA AI GPU order

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Samsung has reportedly won a contract with NVIDIA to supply advanced 2.5D packaging for the AI GPU giant. This is a major deal that marks an important step forward for the technology industry.

Samsung has reportedly won a contract with NVIDIA to supply the artificial intelligence (AI) GPU giant with advanced 2.5D packaging. The news comes from TheElec, their sources say that Samsung's Advanced Package (AVP) team will supply an interposer and I-Cube - its 2.5D package - to NVIDIA.

Other companies will produce High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and GPU wafers, where 2.5D packaging will house chipdies CPU, GPU, I / O, HBM and others - located horizontally on the interposer. Samsung calls its 2.5D packaging technology I-Cube, while TSMC calls its 2.5D packaging CoWoS (Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate).

NVIDIA's full fleet of A100 and H200 series AI GPUs use 2.5D packaging, and more importantly, the massive new 208 billion transistor Blackwell B200 AI GPU uses the same advanced packaging.


Last year it emerged that Samsung allegedly had advanced 2.5D packaging equipment, and it appears to have been rolled out now that Samsung has NVIDIA as a customer for its 2.5D packaging.

According to the sources, Samsung will supply a 2.5D package with four HBM chips placed on them for NVIDIA. Samsung's win in a 2.5D packaging contract from NVIDIA likely means that TSMC CoWoS capability is "inadequate", adds TheElec.

That might not sound like much, but it's a big deal: NVIDIA wants a massive amount of next-gen Blackwell B200 AI GPUs, and using Samsung in South Korea for 2.5D packaging indicates TSMC isn't in able to provide enough of its own CoWoS advanced packaging, forcing NVIDIA to get Samsung on board.

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