SK hynix and TSMC collaborate on new chips

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Translate from : SK hynix og TSMC samarbejder om nye chips
SK hynix collaborates with TSMC to create next-generation high-speed chips for AI. They dominate the market for HBM chips and supply Nvidia.

South Korea's SK hynix, the world's second-largest memory chip maker, announced on Friday that it will collaborate with Taiwanese chip giant TSMC to manufacture next-generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips used in AI technology.

SK hynix dominates the market for HBM chips, crucial components for powering artificial intelligence, and is a leading supplier to US chip giant Nvidia. TSMC also supplies to Nvidia. The South Korean company "recently signed a letter of intent with TSMC to cooperate on the production of next-generation HBM," SK hynix said in a statement on Friday.

SK hynix "plans to continue the development of HBM4, or the sixth generation of the HBM family, which is scheduled to be mass-produced from 2026, through this initiative" , they added.

To develop HBM4, TSMC's "advanced logic process" will be used to produce "customized HBMs that meet a wide range of customer requirements for performance and power efficiency", SK hynix said. The two companies will also collaborate to optimize the integration of SK hynix's HBM and TSMC's packaging technology, called CoWoS technology, the South Korean company said.

Nvidia's unique role in the AI revolution has taken the world by storm since the introduction of OpenAI's ChatGPT in late 2022. Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have also developed chips with AI in mind, but are currently locked in trying to grab Nvidia's coveted products to deliver on their own AI promises. SK hynix announced last month that they had begun mass production of the HBM3E, the latest HBM iteration.

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