QNAP launches QTS 5.2 Beta

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QNAP today released the NAS operating system QTS 5.2 beta with Security Center that actively monitors file activity to counter ransomware threats.

The improved system security and support for TCG-Ruby self-encrypting drives (SED) further strengthen data protection. In addition, there are many optimizations in the steps and processes of operation, configuration and administration, which significantly improves the overall user experience.

Tim Lin, Product Manager at QNAP, states: " QNAP pays great attention to keeping its data storage and management solutions up-to-date and providing stable and reliable NAS storage solutions that meet the high expectations of today's users who prioritize security, efficiency and flexibility. "

Important new features in QTS 5.2:

  • Kernel Mode SMB Daemon acceleration technology: QTS 5.2 supports Kernel Mode SMB Daemon, which can further improve the SMB transmission performance of a NAS. This improvement is especially noticeable in an all-flash storage architecture.
  • Security Center, defense against ransomware: It proactively protects data security by constantly monitoring file activities. When unusual file activities are detected on the NAS, the system immediately takes protective measures (protection/backup/blocking) to minimize the risk and damage of data loss caused by ransomware threats, attacks or human factors.
  • Support for SED with the new TCG-Ruby standard: TCG Ruby provides specifications for NVMe and other modern storage technologies that are adapted to the current needs of enterprises and data centers and facilitate compliance with regulations (eg GDPR, HIPAA and HITECH). SED encrypts data for the entire drive via the built-in encryption processor, adding an extra layer of protection for information security.
  • Backup/restore NAS system settings with greater flexibility: When users back up NAS system settings, they receive information about backup content, including system, network, and permission settings. When restoring NAS system settings, users can select specific items to restore, such as permission settings or network configurations, providing greater convenience.
  • List of installed apps for convenient device replacement: The list of applications installed on the NAS can be uploaded to myQNAPcloud. When users replace their device or manage multiple NAS devices, they can quickly install the same apps on other NAS devices using this list to save time.
  • Faster NAS startup/shutdown: QTS 5.2 improves startup and shutdown speed by up to 30%.
  • More convenient AD domain login: Once the QNAP NAS is added to the domain service, domain users can login to the NAS with their domain username and password. Now users can quickly log in by simply entering the domain's username without having to enter the AD domain name.
  • Full System Backup on Windows® PC/Server: By installing the NetBak PC Agent tool on Windows® computers and servers, users can back up the entire system, disks, folders and files to the QNAP NAS and restore when needed . With global deduplication and the unique synthetic incremental backup technology, the time to backup and restore data is significantly reduced.

Learn more about QTS 5.2 beta and join the beta program at https://www.qnap.com/go/qts/5. 2.0.

QTS 5.2 beta is available from the Download Center.

Note: Features are subject to change and may not be available for all QNAP products.

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